Friday, May 4, 2007

O lingurita de ceai, va rog!

Nu stiu cine a avut prima data ideea:

Lee Yun Qin cu Teastick - Betisorul de ceai
(preluat din square. Magazine)


cei de la Sotoco cu Spoonty...

In orice caz ambele idei redefinesc conceptul saculetului de ceai, intr-o forma pe cat de simpla pe atat de inovativa!


Thé noir said...

Hi Monica,
glad you linked the "new" tea stick to the "old" cuillerette by Spoonty (1999).
Thinking of you when I spotted this:
Au plaisir

Monica D. said...

I think that you know Romanian... I was wondering in my post which was the first, tea stick or Spoonty and you answered!
Regarding the second part - I went to Timisoara last year, I went near this patisserie but because there was no advertising about tea, I'd passed by and didn't enter. Next time... (I live in Constanta, a city at the Black Sea, far from this beautiful western city.)
But thank you for your tips and for watching my blog!